Multi-scale mechanics of fibrous media
The mechanics of fibrous materials depends on the conformation of fibers, non-linearities due to large rotations, displacements and deformation of fibres, as well as the kinetics and mechanics of their contacts. The resulting macroscale response of fibrous media is thus highly non-linear, sometimes unstable, with marked anisotropy and microstructure evolutions. These aspects still constitute bottlenecks. 

Therefore, whatever their architecture (random, woven, braided, knitted) or their nature (synthetic, biosourced, or within living tissues), characterising and/or modelling the geometry as well as the mechanical behaviour of fibrous media at lower scales (fiber or fiber bundle scales) to understand and/or to upscale and predict their macroscale mechanical properties will be the main theme of these two days.

Oral presentations around this topic, showing experimental works (experimental micromechanics and/or imaging), theoretical ones (upscaling techniques), numerical ones (DEM/FEM models...) or a combination of them (e.g. for inverse modelling) will be welcomed to bring fructiful discussions. 
Download the program and the presentations below

Mis à jour le 29 November 2019