Mechanics of biosourced fibrous media
The general theme of the next meeting of the GDR (November 24th, 2022, site of INSA Lyon Oyonnax) will focus on the mechanics of biosourced fibrous media and will include more particularly a restitution of the work conducted in the framework of the GDR Mecafib between several laboratories on the study of the mechanical properties of individual natural fibers.

The objectives of this meeting are to promote exchanges between the various members of laboratories working on the characterization and modeling of the properties of natural fibers and their assemblies (bundles, non-wovens, woven fabrics, papers, etc.). It is thus open to presentations on morphological characterization techniques at small scales, determination of their properties under thermo-hygro-mechanical loadings and theoretical or numerical approaches for the prediction of their properties.

Mis à jour le 20 October 2022